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a less auspicious anniversary [May. 2nd, 2014|11:39 am]
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[Mood |disappointeddisappointed]

Twenty years ago today, I went to work for my first attorney. I was with him for a little over twelve years, until the office broke up and I was the one left without a chair when the music stopped.

I had hoped that this morning would, in a nice bit of symmetry, see me starting at another law office... but as I found out yesterday, they decided to give the job to someone else.


(on the other hand, I suppose I could live in Ukraine... perspective is a remarkable thing.)

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[User Picture]From: tavella
2014-05-02 07:00 pm (UTC)


Oh, damn, sorry to hear that.
[User Picture]From: gwyd
2014-05-04 02:29 am (UTC)